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    The most common types of assembly are various fasteners and rivets. They can be produced manually or with automatic feeding into the machines. These may also include partial assembly of certain products. Some examples of assembly include doors, mouldings, locks, cables and wheels. We can also assemble completely finished machines for our customers, including electrical components, electronics, pneumatics and testing.


    Assembly is always a combination of several parts and processes. Most often in mechanical assembly we are assembling various mechanical parts, such as sheet metal components that we manufacture ourselves. We also assemble standard components into fasteners like screws and nuts that can be pressed into the metal.

    We can also perform assembly operations on larger complete equipment and systems. With this procedure, we can add, for example, motors, locks, strips, hinges, etc. to achieve a finished product.



    • System Assembly — finished products
    • Subassembly, e.g. fine assembly
    • Mechanical assembly
    • Pneumatic assembly
    • Electrical assembly/installation
    • Electronics assembly
    • Measurement
    • Testing



    • Pressing of fastener- standard screw nut-spacings — distances mm
    • Pop riveting — a common method where rivets are inserted into punched holes
    • Piece cutting — rivets in the sheet metal holes made in direct connection with the riveting
    • Tox riveting — Pressing two materials together to form a rivet
    • Ordinary bolts — detachable screw and nut
    • Adhesive bonding, etc.