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    employee bending steel


    With our many years of professional experience, our expertise with modern machines, and our large selection of tools, we have everything you might need for production. If you’re looking for bending, we can bend parts up to three meters in our bending machines.

    The latest addition to our fleet is a unique robotic machines that specializes in minor details. It is easily programmable with a CAD file, and then the machine can perform tool selection, detail selection, angle measurement and unloading automatically.

    Suitable for prototypes as well as for longer production series.

    Do you need bending? Let us know, and together we’ll find a solution >>


    Edge pressing or bending sheet metal entails folding the sheet with a machine that is equipped with tools of various radii and lengths. It is essential to clearly understand the manufacturing process in order to achieve the best result. Our vast knowledge of bending comes from our long experience working within the field. It involves many factors, such as perfecting the design, programming, machine and tools. A skilled machine operator is essential when it comes to getting the desired detail on the right material.

    Significant factors to take into account:

    • Radius
    • Geometry
    • Thickness of the material
    • Material quality
    • The machine’s pressing force
    • Machine design
    • Tools used
    • Operator experience and knowledge
    • Programmer
    • Drawing design/Step file

    Plåt & Mekano Romator brings to the table:

    • 40 years’ experience in sheet metal pressing
    • A rather large selection of tools that will solve most projects
    • 10 edge presses
    • Robotic edge pressing
    • Knowledgeable employees
    • If necessary, we can also manufacture or purchase additional tools
    • We always strive to help our customers to find the best production applications to enable efficient and smart solutions.


    Robotic bending is often used in order to streamline edge pressing procedures, but the operator’s knowledge and technical understanding is always vital when it comes to any sheet metal process.

    Advantages of robotic bending:

    • Easy to program
    • Minimizes downtime — the machine can rig itself in just minutes
    • Reduces load on personnel
    • Efficient manufacturing — less downtime
    • safe process
    • Easily repeatable
    • Automatic angle measurement
    • Automated material feeding
    • Automated tool feeding
    • Can perform bending operations that people are unable to do
    • Stacks the finished goods
    • Built-in alarms and mechanisms to control and manage various functions, such as material thickness, safety, etc.