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    Deburring is the removal of sharp edges on sheet metal that can arise after laser cutting or punching. Depending on what the item is to be used for, different deburring methods will be required. Plåt & Mekano Romator offer several deburring options that ensure safe and high quality results.



    Automated brushing happens in a machine known as a Fladder, where an emery cloth makes circular brush strokes vertically and horizontally as the sheet passes through. The brushes remove sharp edges even in holes. The surface gets a rosy, smooth and fine texture, well suited as it is or to paint on.


    With our newly installed Lissmac Steelmaster, we can remove a thin layer surface to eliminate scratches. It can also be used to produce smooth, even edges or a finely brushed surface. A great method for stainless steel or aluminium that must not be sharp. The machine has four stations that can be equipped with different heads that rotate and/or circulate. Depending on your needs, we can utilize such tools such as ceramic brushes, abrasive belts with various grain sizes, and more.


    Accomplished via three tumbling machines that are connected to a closed system with a corn dryer. The items placed into the drum, and just like a washing machine the contents are circulated inside, along with soft ceramic stones and liquid designed to wear away the sharp edges. The items are then deposited into a new drum containing corn flour and heat, intended to dry everything so they come out clean and smooth to the touch.

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