Wet Deburring

Wet Deburring gives the detail a very nice surface finish and you can "save" details that have become scratched during other processes. The details are washed at the same time in the process.

Wet Deburring

Sanding with wet deburring is excellent for aluminum or stainless-steel sheets that must not be sharp. This method for sanded sheet metal is made in our Lissmac Steelmaster, which can cut off some of the surface to get rid of scratches, a brushed fine surface, or smooth, soft edges. The machine has four stations, which with different heads can rotate or circulate.

Here you can, for example, choose ceramic brushes and sanding belts with different grain sizes.

Deburring with a nice surface finish

The deburring in our Lissmac is done with ceramic brushes or sanded away with liquid in the machine. Here we can set exactly what type of deburring or grinding you want, depending on the finish requirements, material, and shape.

Sanding can be done with different grain sizes on the sanding paper, as the machine has many variations. The detail gets a very nice surface finish, and you can “save” details that have been scratched during other processes. Since it is a wet process, the details are washed at the same time in the process.

Wet deburring benefits

  • Removes scratches and sharp edges.
  • Gives a smooth, fine surface.
  • Possibilities for different types of deburring or grinding.

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