Welding of stainless steel

We can perform precision welding of both small parts and larger welding constructions in stainless steel. Finishing such as grinding, pickling, etc. included where desired.


Welding of stainless steel

Knowledge and experience crucial when welding stainless steel

Welding stainless steel requires experience and touch. As stainless steel is a harder material, which has special mechanical properties, knowledge and habit are of great importance for the result. The material gets stressed when you heat it up, and these create bends so that the material “strikes”. This problem can be reduced by using the right welding technique and through long experience. Welding stainless steel with very high finish requirements can be challenging.

The plate can have a brushed surface that must be preserved as intact as possible, here very advanced grinding is required to restore the surface as fine as possible. Sometimes pickling or the use of special root gas is required for best results. Plåt & Mekano Romator has very long experience of welding in stainless steel, from customers with products for which very high demands are placed.

We can perform precision welding of both small details and larger welding constructions. Finishing such as grinding, pickling, etc. included of course where desired. P&M Romator is used to deliver welded products of the highest quality and finish.

The result of welding in stainless steel depends on:

  • Gas flow, i.e. energy
  • Equipment
  • Current
  • Time
  • Experience and touch
  • Good burn-through
  • Ev. use of special root gas and other equipment
  • Cleanliness
  • Grinding
  • Grazing
  • Sometimes special fixtures

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