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    Our punching machines have the capacity to operate over 50,000 hours/year. This gives us the flexibility to make fast prototypes and to punch very high volumes of sheet metal. Several of our machines have loading and unloading automated robots.


    • Approx. 0.5 mm up to 5 mm in aluminium
    • Up to 2 mm in stainless steel sheets
    • 4 mm in steel sheets.

    Because we have punching machine facilities in Stockholm, we can deliver to our customers in the Stockholm area on short notice; of course, we are also able to deliver customers throughout the country as well as abroad. We also perform laser cutting services for sheet metal and aluminium.

    If you need to get sheet metal punched or stamped, just contact us, we’ll find a way to help >>


    Punching has remained a tried and true method of creating holes and contours in a sheet metal. Nowadays, most machines are CNC-controlled and can use many tools to punch simultaneously. And while punch machines have become increasingly automated, the knowledge and experience of the operator is extremely important to obtain good results and cost-effective manufacturing.


    Efficient sheet metal production is always a combination of modern machines and skilled operators. Various tools can punch holes of different shapes, and you can also punch a variety of forms such as bulls, threads, collars, recesses, bridges, embossments, etc. You can also make bends, grooves, markings with numbers, logos, and much more. The end result of the product depends on many factors, including machine performance, tool selection, programming, machine maintenance, and operator skill/experience.


    The quality of punched details may vary because of variations in the properties of the sheet. That’s where the experience and knowledge of the operator come into play — it makes a large difference when it comes to tool selection, which has a significant result on the quality of the end result. At Plåt & Mekano Romator, we have 35 years’ experience in CNC punching.

    Plåt & Mekano Romator have:

    • 35 years of experience with CNC-controlled punch machines
    • One of the Stockholm region’s largest machine capacities, giving us advantages of flexibility and speed
    • 5 punch machines total
    • 2 punch machines with automated loading robots.
    • An automatic punching machine with warehouse loading and unloading robots
    • Our machines work in multiple shifts
    • Our production facilities are suitable for high volume orders
    • But also work for smaller production series
    • A very large tool selection — most of the time we can perform the order with existing tools on hand
    • Production customization — we are always ready to help our customers find the best method and design to achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner