We regularly deliver large, pre-assembled machines and systems, which include pneumatics, electronics, and cabling.

Mechanical assembly

With us, assembly is often about mechanical assembly, which means that we assemble different mechanical parts, such as self-manufactured sheet metal components together with standard components, such as locks, hinges, moldings, etc. We mount various fastening elements that are mechanically pressed into the plate. P&M Romator regularly delivers large, pre-assembled machines and systems, which include pneumatics, electronics, and cabling. We also perform testing and deliver the machines directly to the end customer. Read more about Mechanical assembly here.

Assembling with fasteners

The most common type of assembling is different fasteners, such as press screws, press nuts, and press spacers. This is done in machines, either manually or with automatic feeding. There are many different fasteners adapted for different purposes and requirements. P&M Romator can help you choose the right variety that is both functional and cost-saving for your project specifically.

We perform assembly as:

  • System assembly – finished products
  • Partial assembly – semi-finished products, alt. where only a few parts are put together
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Pneumatic assembling
  • Electrical installation
  • Electronics assembly
  • Test drive

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    Assembly methods for mechanical assembly:

    Pressing of fasteners – Standard screw, nut, spacers etc.
    Pop riveting – The most common riveting method, with compressed air tools, a rivet is pushed through punched holes in the plates that are riveted together by pulling the rivet together on the back
    Crank riveting – “Toxing” – Compresses two materials without holes in the plates that form a rivet joint
    Self-Piercing riveting – A hole is made by the machine at the same time as the rivet is pushed through the plates.
    Standard screw connections – Loose screw and nut
    Bonding etc.

    As you can see, we perform various types of assembly. Contact us and we will help you.