Riveted dressing

Riveted joints are often used when the structure does not need to be completely sealed, when costs need to be kept down or when speed is of the essence.

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Several options of riveted joints

Riveting can be seen as an alternative to welding, for example. It is often used when the construction does not need to be completely tight, when costs need to be kept down or when it needs to be fast. The rivet joints that Plåt & Mekano Romator can offer are:

Pop riveting: Rivets are available in aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Using tools, the rivets are pushed into holes and the shanks are deformed on the back to form a bulge that holds the structure together. There are solid or countersunk pop rivets. They work well in galvanised sheet metal, aluminium and stainless steel, for example.

Henrob riveting- A loose rivet is used in a machine that simultaneously makes the hole and pushes the rivet into the sheet metal and then deforms the rivet so that it stays in place. Hand riveting can be used in thinner materials and when, for example, welding is not suitable. This type of riveting is well suited to zinc-coated sheet metal.

Dusting - Toxing - In this method, two materials are pressed together with tools so that the rivet is formed by the materials creating a rivet, without making holes in the sheet, thus holding the sheets together. Welding is best suited to thinner materials and is preferably used in galvanised sheets where welding is not suitable.

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