Our sustainability strategy

In a world where sustainability has gone from a trend to a necessity, we at Plåt & Mekano Romator™ are firmly rooted in our commitment to a better tomorrow.

In an era of increasing environmental awareness and global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity, the concept of sustainability is our guiding principle.

Our path towards a more sustainable future is clearly defined by our strategy that takes us beyond words and towards action. Energy consumption, transport and metal consumption are our identified environmental aspects, and through a progressive and thoughtful sustainability strategy, we are taking steps towards a greener future.

How we promote sustainability

We continuously redesign our machinery to ensure efficient energy use and higher performance.

We pride ourselves on our choice of local partners to minimise our transport footprint.

We continuously review heating systems and premises to identify possible improvements and efficiencies.

By using the latest models of machinery that reduce electricity consumption and supporting processes, we maximise the use of our raw materials and give them a second life through our sorting and recycling.

In our quest for sustainability, we also promote environmentally friendly alternatives to our customers when such opportunities arise.

Together towards a greener horizon

At Plåt & Mekano Romator™, we embrace the challenges and opportunities that sustainability brings. We look forward to continuing our journey, not only as part of the company's DNA, but as part of a global movement towards a more sustainable and conscious world. Through our concrete actions and dedication to change, we endeavour to leave a positive impact on the environment and society. Together, with you and everyone who shares our vision, we are taking steps towards a greener horizon and a future we can be proud to leave behind.