What is laser cutting and how does it differ from waterjet cutting, how thick can you cut sheet metal and what is the K-factor? We receive many questions and have collected the most common ones below. Take a look at our FAQ below to find out most of the things you need to know about sheet metal working!

What are the limitations of edge pressing?

The limitations of edgebanding can be that the material is too brittle and cracking the material is too...

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What are the advantages of edge pressing?

The advantages of press-braking include flexible method of folding the sheet giving the product increased strength and stability....

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What materials can be pressed?

Common materials used for press brakes include steel stainless steel aluminium copper brass plastics. All...

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Which materials can be pressed with press brakes?

Edge pressing is often used to bend flat sheets of, for example, steel and aluminium. Different alloys...

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What are the advantages of edge pressing compared to other methods of bending sheet metal?

Edge pressing is the method most commonly used for short and medium runs. The reason is that...

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How does edge pressing work?

The plate is placed on a lower tool, called a pad. Then the upper tool, the knife, presses the...

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What is edge pressing?

Edge pressing, also known as edge bending, is one of the most common ways of folding edges or...

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How does material selection and project size affect laser cutting costs?

The cost of laser cutting can be affected by the choice of material as the greater the thickness of the material, the longer the...

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What are the advantages of laser cutting compared to other cutting methods?

Laser cutting is the finest cutting method for sheet metal, a precise method that offers cutting of sheet metal parts....

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How does laser cutting work?

Our machines are equipped with a laser source and a movable tip that moves across the...

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What materials can be cut with laser cutting?

Laser cutting can be used for many different materials but our machines at P&M Romator are specialised...

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How do you bend sheet metal?

Sheet metal bending is the same as edge pressing, i.e. bending the sheet metal using a knife....

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