Laser cutting

What exactly is laser cutting, how does it differ from waterjet cutting, how thick can you cut sheet metal with a laser and when is laser cutting preferable to punching? We get a lot of questions on the subject and below we answer most of the questions related to laser cutting.

How does material selection and project size affect laser cutting costs?

The cost of laser cutting can be affected by the choice of material as the greater the thickness of the material, the longer the...

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What are the advantages of laser cutting compared to other cutting methods?

Laser cutting is the finest cutting method for sheet metal, a precise method that offers cutting of sheet metal parts....

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How does laser cutting work?

Our machines are equipped with a laser source and a movable tip that moves across the...

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What materials can be cut with laser cutting?

Laser cutting can be used for many different materials but our machines at P&M Romator are specialised...

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When to choose laser cutting over punching?

Laser cutting and punching are two different techniques used to process sheet metal and the choice of...

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Which metal materials can be laser cut?

A variety of metal materials can be cut with laser technology, some examples of which metal materials our machines can cut are...

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How thick can you cut sheet metal with a laser?

The thickness of sheet metal that can be cut with a laser depends on several factors, such as laser power,...

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What is the difference between laser cutting and water cutting in sheet metal?

The difference between laser cutting and waterjet cutting in sheet metal is that laser cutting uses a laser beam that...

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What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting involves the use of a laser beam, about 0.2 mm thin, in machines to cut...

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