When to choose laser cutting over punching?

Laser cutting and punching are two different techniques used to process sheet metal and the choice between the two depends on a variety of factors.

Laser cutting is better suited for complicated shapes and patterns that are difficult to produce by punching. Other advantages of choosing laser cutting over punching include the following

  • laser cutting is better suited to thicker materials than punching because it takes more force to punch through a thicker material, which wears out the machine.
  • laser cutting can in some cases offer higher precision than punching because it is easier to adjust the laser cut for higher precision. This must be adjusted with more accurate tools in a punching machine, which itself becomes a cheaper option for larger volumes.
  • for large series of identical products, stamping may be a more suitable technique as it is more cost-effective.

With us at Plåt & Mekano Romator, there is no choice that you as a customer have to think so much about. We have 4 combination machines that both punch and laser cut in the same machine and set-up. It is an extremely flexible machine type that makes manufacturing very cost-effective. We will help you choose the right one.

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